About Nick Schotts

Nick Schotts
I grew up playing sports my entire life. From a very young age, all I knew was to be competitive and live an active lifestyle. In high-school, I was an All-League Defensive Back and historically one of the program’s strongest players in the weight room. After high-school I ended up playing two seasons of college football, but ultimately had to end my football career due to injuries. I earned my AA degree in Health and Fitness at North Texas University and then transferred to Arizona State to pursue my Exercise Science for a Bachelors of Science degree. I am a certified Personal Trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Since 2013 I have specialized in creating effective meal/workout plans for clients of all body types, ages and genders. My main goal is to help and guide people in working towards their dreams, not only in the gym or on the field, but in life.