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Destroy your goals

No more excuses, the road to success starts right now! Nick Schotts takes pride in his clients success. He is ready to take the guess work out of your fitness life style and write up monthly meal/workout plans personally customized for you. Get started today!

About Nick Schotts

Nick Schotts I grew up playing sports my entire life. From a very young age, all I…

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Monthly Meal Plans

DO FITNESS THE RIGHT WAY! You have heard it a million times, “SUCCESS STARTS IN THE KITCHEN!”….

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Personalized Workouts

SWEAT. PAIN. RESULTS! Whether you are looking to bulk up, increase strength, lose fat, prepare for a…

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It is time to thrive

Receive the tools you need to succeed every month!

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Strength Workout Plan
Hypertrophy Workout Plan
Bulking Meal Plan
Physique Contest Prep Meal Plan
Fat Loss Workout Plan